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Vanishing Animals-African Elephants

I love elephants! I grew up in Long Beach, CA and my old stomping grounds was the old Pike…..carnival rides, sailors, cotton candy, the works! Every year the circus came to town and set up their tents near the old pike fairgrounds. Boy was this exciting. To entice us to go to the circus, Barnum and Bailey would parade down Pine Ave. (It is so sad children do not get to see this anymore!) It was so thrilling to see the circus performers, horses, and especially the elephants parade down the street smiling at us and beckoning us to beg our parents to take us!~ We would beg my dad, but he would just smile and ignore us. 

One year I was at the beach with my friend Veronica and we noticed the tents going up. Man! We wasted no time heading on over to check out the scene! We made our way over to one of the tents when we noticed the elephants being bathed by a couple of circus helpers. They were awesome:) If I recall correctly, I think it was my first time ever to be so close to an elephant. We were allowed to feed them and then we had to go. 

Elephants are amazing! Have you ever ridden one? I have! They are special to me because of their closeness to each other. They are highly intelligent and loving to each other. If ever I could have a unique animal…it would be an elephant!

This vase I posted is an African Elephant. I wheel threw and hand built the relief around the vase.  I Raku fired it and one of the most awesome things about this vase is that the smoke ring created a mountain on one side. It isn’t exactly flat on the top like Kilimanjaro but it’s cool because I did not plan it this way. It looks like the African Serengeti even more so. It is one of my favorite creations in pottery. The lid has Manzanita as a handle.   

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